What are some highlights in Bern?

What are some highlights in Bern?
17th December 2021 Joe Corfield

Old Town

We’ve already mentioned it a few times, but Bern’s Old Town is truly the highlight of the city. It boasts some stunning architecture and is an official UNESCO World Heritage site, making a visit well-worth your time.

Zytglogge (Clock Tower)

The Zytglogge is a 13th century clock tower located in the centre of Bern. It boasts a stunning astronomical clock, which was built in 1530. During the summer months, you can book tickets to visit inside the clock tower and see the inner workings of the clock itself – a must-see.

Bear Park

Bern’s Bear Park is situated along the River Aare. It is home to the latest generation of brown bears, who have lived in Bern since the 16th century. The park is open every day and is a great way to learn more about the bears and the city itself.