What are some good places to visit?

What are some good places to visit?
8th October 2021 Joe Corfield

Blue Caves

In the north of the island at Cape Skinari below the Skinari lighthouse, you can find the magnificent Blue Caves. Discovered in 1897 by Antonio Komouto, the caves attract thousands of visitors each year and are one of the islands most famous natural attractions. The caves are so called because of the blue waters inside them and any objects below the water appear to turn blue. This means that people who enter the to swim inside the caves also turn blue! The area is popular for snorkelling, to see the wide range of marine life living there and the attractive blue hues on the white rocks caused by reflections from the sea

Bohali Castle

Take a look inside the old Venetian Fort or Kastro, on top of the hill at Bohali which overlooks Zante town. To enter pass through a stone gateway with the Venetian lion carved on it and you come into a large compound. The Fort dates back to the 15th century and is enclosed by a stone wall with steep drops on all sides and a near 360 degree view over the island. In 1460 the fort was destroyed by the Turks with the islanders later repairing it with help from the Venetians and at one point even made it the capital of the island. Inside the walls, the large compound once would have bustled with soldiers, with an encampment the size of a small village catering for the soldiers. At each of the different areas there are signs in English describing the buildings or activities that were once there.

Zakynthos Traditional Park

The Traditional Park is the cultural open-air museum of Zakynthos and is located in an outdoor park at Elies in Volimes, in the north of the island. Visitors can walk through the olive trees, rocky paths and visit an old stone quarry where a variety of old objects and buildings are scattered, with each one telling a story. During this walk you can learn about every day life on the island of Zakynthos, as it was in the last centuries and find out the stories related to the exhibits.