What are some good places to visit?

What are some good places to visit?
21st July 2021 Joe Corfield

Huis ten Bosch

Huis ten Bosch means the House in the Woods and is a royal palace; it is one of the official residences of the Dutch Royal Family. I wonderful building and amazing to see the typical Dutch style architecture and beautiful grounds.

The Peace Palace

On August 28th it is the centennial anniversary of the Peace Palace it has become a symbol of peace and justice for the country and the world. From the palace at series of events are planned to mark the UN day of peace and other significant events related to world peace throughout the year. Its an amazing looking building with a great presence.


Scheveningen is one of the top beach resorts in the Netherlands, it is located just outside of the Hague, a really cool place with long sand beach, many beach bars to hangout in. A pier and esplanade with lots of shops and places to eat. During the summer months there are a lot of extreme water sports and events that take over the beach. A really cool place when the weather is good.