What are some exciting things to do?

What are some exciting things to do?
5th August 2021 Joe Corfield

Capitol Theatre

The Capitol theatre is the largest theatre in Düsseldorf and is set in a building which is over 100 years old and is a former tram depot of the Rheinbahn (a transport provider operating in and around Dusseldorf). The former tram depot was converted into a theatre in the early 1990s. It was inaugurated in 1996 with a performance of the musical Grease. The theatre has a variety of musicals, shows and music concerts and is a brilliant place to see a show in an historical building.

The Düssel

The Düssel is a small right tributary of the River Rhine in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. Its source is between Wülfrath and Velbert. It flows westward through the Neander Valley where the fossils of the first Neanderthal man were found in 1856. Düsseldorf takes its name from the Düssel: Düsseldorf means “the village of Düssel” and is an area of beautiful natural scenery and is perfect for a gentle walk around and taking in the all that the Dussel can offer.

Schloss Benrath

The Schloss Benrath is a Baroque maison de plaisance (fr. for pleasure palace) in Benrath, which is now a suburb of Düsseldorf. It was erected for the Elector Palatine Charl Theodor and his wife Countess Palatine Elisabeth Auguste of Sulzbach by his garden and building directorNicolas de Pigage. Construction began in 1755 and was completed in 1770. The ensemble at Benrath has been proposed for designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a fantastic location to visit and to take in the culture and history of a famous and iconic building.