What museums should I visit?

What museums should I visit?
19th February 2021 Elizabeth Percy

The Black Country Living Museum is an award winning open air living museum that tells the story of one of the world’s first industrial landscape. Over 50 authentic shops, houses and workshops have been carefully reconstructed to preserve the character of the region from when its manufacturers brought worldwide fame to Black Country Towns. Take a trip on the tram to explore the canal side village, where you can meet and chat to the costumed characters. Explore the underground mine and experience the authentic sights, sounds, smells and tastes from the past.

(Yes, it is where Peaky Blinders was filmed)


Thinktank redefines the concept of a science museum. Think of it more as a way to discover the world around you (and inside of you) and the life you lead. From steam engines to intestines, this exciting museum has over 200 hands-on displays on science and technology. Don’t forget about the digital Planetarium and outdoor Science Garden! It really has every different aspect of science covered from natural history to space to engineering and inventions. There’s activities for every age range and it’s a great place to take the kids for a day out.