Are there any particular highlights worth checking out?

Are there any particular highlights worth checking out?
3rd August 2021 Joe Corfield

The Cologne Cathedral

A Roman Catholic cathedral of St Peter, it is a perfect exemplification of the German Gothic architecture and German Catholicism making it Germany’s most visited landmark as well as a World Heritage Site. It is the second tallest structure in Cologne, but it takes up 8,000 square meters, enough to accommodate more than 20,000 people. The foundation stone of the building was laid in 1248 but work wasn’t properly started until 1842 or completed until 1880 to the original specifications created in the Middle Ages. As well as beautiful glass windows the cathedral offers a 100m tall tower where after climbing an impressive 533 steps, visitors can experience a breathtaking view of the old city.

Cologne Cable Car

Opened in 1957 the Cologne Cable Car was the first to cross a river and traverses a length of 935 meters. The cable cars offer the most unique way of traveling across the city, and also the safest. With over 2,000 people able to cross the Rhine every hour, it is a popular mode of transport taking users over some fantastic views such as the flora and botanical gardens.

Groß St. Martin

A Romanesque Catholic church the Great St Martin Church is a typical example of Rhineland architecture in the Middle Ages. The church was built on top of original Roman warehouse’s ruins, where the seamless transition from the old ruins to the newer church can still be seen. The interior boasts a different age of influence with spartan furnishings of the same era as the erection of the church between 1150 and 1250. The grounds housing the church are also worth a visit as they reflect some of the history.