Are there any particular highlights in Athens?

Are there any particular highlights in Athens?
7th October 2021 Joe Corfield

Benaki Museum

A significant architectural landmark, the Benaki Museum exhibits contemporary art and design. Having undergone significant renovation, the building now covers an area of 8,220m2. At weekends it is open until 10pm.

The Acropolis

The ancient centre, one of Greece’s most famous and significant attractions. Surrounded by olive groves on the lower slopes, edge your way up to see famous monuments such as the Parthenon, the Erechtheon, the Propylaea and the Temple of Athena Nike. It encompasses ancient Greek culture and artistic displays from the 5th century BC.

The Ancient Agora

These ruins are where the centre of ancient Greece, where the public would gather for markets, elections and performances. Located in the heart of Athens, the well preserved ruins give an insight into the cultural and political world at the time of Socrates and Plato and where Western civilisation took shape.


This former gasworks precinct has had quite the revival. From a once undesired place to live, it has transformed with the opening of the Kerameikos metro stop as the place to be. Packed with bars, restaurants and shops, you can find great places to eat a late night dinner or just soak up the atmosphere in Athens’ coolest nightspot.

Mount Lycabettus

To enjoy the best views of Athens, take a hike (or funicular) up Mount Lycabettus. The best times to go are morning or around twilight when it is cooler. Once you have reached the top, you can enjoy spectacular views of the Attica basin and the Aegean. If the price doesn’t bother you, reward yourself with some well earned food at the Cafe.