Are there any hidden gems worth visiting?

Are there any hidden gems worth visiting?
13th August 2021 Joe Corfield

Vranjaca Cave

This cave is made up of two large chambers. The first, which was discovered in the 19th century, has no stalactites and the second was discovered in 1903 by Stipe Punda, the owner of this land. There is a series of nine smaller chambers in delightful colours, ranging from shades of green through to blue, some of which shimmer due to the presence of crystals. The cave is 360m long in total and holds a constant temperature of 15ºC all year. Vranjaca is popular for visits by tourists and has steps with rope handrails, raised walkways and atmospheric lighting, with tours led by local guides. The cave at is located in the foothills of the central part of Mosor, on its northern side.

Marjan Hill

Marjan is a hill on the peninsula of the city of Split, which is covered in a dense Mediterranean pine forest and completely surrounded by the city and the sea. Originally used as a park by the citizens as early as the 3rd century, it is a favourite weekend excursion destination and a recreational centre for the city. It is also the setting for numerous beaches and jogging trails as well as tennis courts and the city zoo, all surrounded by scenic forest. Marjan Hill is 178 m tall and offers a view of the entire city, the surrounding islands, and the nearby mountains of Mosor and Kozjak.

People’s Square

Urban expansion of the city west of the Iron Gate, made for the relocation of the main square from east to west. The new main square is formed in the area where once stood the church of St Lawrence. It contains important buildings such as the Rector’s Palace complex with Communal Palace and the Town Hall and the municipal theater with a dungeon. Today the square is paved in white marble and is surrounded by historic buildings with cafes and restaurants.