Are there any good museums in Dubrovnik?

Are there any good museums in Dubrovnik?
11th August 2021 Joe Corfield

Dubrovnik Aquarium and Maritime Museum

The Aquarium and Maritime Museum is located just outside the old town. There are a large variety of exhibits and tanks with a good variety of sea life. The museum is above giving an insight in to the coastal life of the area, the Aquarium is below and offers a underwater look of the coastal waters.

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological museum is a state of the art venue that takes visitors on an interactive experience of the city and history of its people though the ages. It is a very interesting and mind opening experience that gives the visitor a new perspective on the country and how it has evolved to become the place of beauty and culture it is today.

Museum of Croatian War of Independence

The museum is located in one wing of Fort Imperial on Mount Srd. It offers a great interactive way to see how the war came about and the conflict came to a conclusion. This is another attraction that visitors need to prepare themselves for, as there were some horrific realities that have been captured in a graphic and realistic way by the museum. It is insightful and very moving.