Any fun food and drink experiences?

Any fun food and drink experiences?
24th March 2021 Elizabeth Percy

The Blue Door Pub

This burger joint, named simply and enigmatically after its first building, has a lot of personality. Head to one of four locations to try a celebrated Minnesotan delicacy quite unlike anything else. A juicy Lucy burger is a burger that is stuffed but The Blue Door Pub takes it further by adding multiple fillings that create spectacular (and slightly bizarre) combinations. An excellent example of this is the Jiffy Burger: featuring crunchy peanut butter, bacon, mayo, pickles and spicy pepper jack cheese. These burgers are an undertaking- delicious and filling- which is reflected in the light hearted humour in their names and descriptions. As the website says: ‘you will probably have to take a nap afterwards!’

Norseman Distillery

This is the Willy Wonka chocolate factory of distilleries (only safer for children surprisingly). Producing a range of quality Vodka, Gin, Rum and Liqueurs, Norseman Distillery knows how to manufacture an experience too. You can take tours, sample products, participate in cocktail workshops or- if you just fancy a drink- there’s The Patio bar. The Patio is a place for expertly made cocktails by specialised professional Norseman employees to showcase the best ways to use their product. But it’s also a very relaxed environment, dogs are welcome as are children (only before 9pm) and there is a small snack menu or you can even have food delivered to the bar to enjoy with your drinks- it’s all about having a good time!