Any cool places to eat/drink?

Any cool places to eat/drink?
5th March 2021 Elizabeth Percy

Good general areas to have a wander around include Ecclesall Road (with a strong student presence and many bars and restaurants), London Road (known for its diverse demographic and cuisines), Hillsborough, Firth Park and the Crystal Peaks shopping centre (the main shopping destination on the southeast side of the city).


Couch is a coffee shop that stands against the pretentious and impractical décor of subpar modern cafes and focusses on the things that matter: tasty food and comfy places to relax. With free WiFi and a chill atmosphere, Couch wants to appeal to what normal people actually want out of a coffee shop. Whether you’re a mam out with her kids, who needs a sit down (and some food to distract the little angels), or a student, who wants to work on an essay accompanied by a coffee and a brownie, Couch has you in mind.

Kettle Black

For something in the evening, try Kettle Black. Elegant and decadent, this bar is designed to make you feel indulged. The cocktail bar is ran by expert mixologists, helping you choose from the seasonal menu which is changed and vetted regularly to contain only the best drinks. Once you’ve got your cocktail head to the Perrier Jouet terrace, heated to be a pleasant experience all year round. Or, if it’s a special occasion, stay in the VIP Mezzanine with the bar just a few steps away at all times.